Who are the best Amsterdam athletes in 2022?


Phyllis Albers.  Image ANP / ANP

Phyllis Albers.Image ANP / ANP

Phyllis Albers
The 22-year-old hockey players had a great year. Albers won the European Hockey League with the Amsterdam women’s from AH & BC and two months later the Hockey World Cup with a decisive goal in the final. After that, Albers was named the best player in the world by the International Hockey Federation.

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eANP/EPA photo

Caroline Florin
The rower is not only a member of the Amsterdam Nereus Federation, she achieved unique results in 2022. She was the first Dutch woman to compete for the gold medal in the European Championships and the World Rowing Championships in the singles projectile.

Blank photo Reuters

Reuters photo

Kira Toussaint
No Dutch swimmer better than Kira Toussaint, who decided to train in the States again last year. During the European Championships they swim for a bronze medal in the 100m backstroke. She finished the European Championships with a gold medal in the 4x100m mixed relay race.


Blank photo Reuters

Reuters photo

Arno Kamenga
What applies to Toussaint on the back, applies to Kaminga on my chest. The 27-year-old won a silver and a bronze medal in the 100m and 4x100m mixed relay at this year’s World Championships. At the European Long Distance Championships, he won gold in the 4x100m mixed medley.

null Image ANP / EPA

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Melvin Toilear
Another man who set a new standard. This year he switched to the individual paddle and immediately took the silver at the World Cup. There was even gold in the European Championships. The performance at the World Cup surprised many, Tueller was the second Dutchman to ever achieve it.

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Joren Timber
Timber has already tried everything in Ajax at the age of 21. He is part of Louis van Gaal’s World Cup selection and was named the greatest talent in Amsterdam last year. With Ajax he became a national champion and reached a place among the last sixteen clubs in Europe in the UEFA Champions League.

Sports team

Amsterdam hockey players won the largest European championship. In the final match against Den Bosch, the penalty shootout had to make the decision. This was the first time a team from Amsterdam had won this tournament.

Double the ladies
Don’t tire, don’t tire. Ross de Jong and Laila Youssef of Amsterdam won silver in the rowing groups at both the European Championships and the World Championships. In both tournaments, they were also part of eight women who were awarded bronze and silver.

The 2021/2022 season was the final season led by Eric ten Hag. He succeeded once again in clinching the national title with Ajax for the 36th time in the club’s history.

Fitness Trainer

Elko Meinhorst
The Amsterdam national coach has achieved impressive results with the Dutch rowing team. After a difficult period, he was finally responsible for the historic success of canoeing. Under his leadership, his team won a total of nine European Championships and ten World Cup medals.

Guido Bunsen
Bonsen is a coach famous for his efforts in Team Para Atletiek, a group of enthusiastic athletes who visit the Olympic Stadium every day. Fleur Jung broke her own world record in the 100 meters and became the Dutch long jump champion at the “regular” Dutch national championships. In addition, Bunsen accompanied the capable athlete Elvis Afrifa to the team of the European Championship and the World Championships 4x100m relay.

Mark Faber
The national coach of the Dutch national swimming team, including Arno Kamenga. Faber accompanied the Amsterdam swimmers from TeamNL to eleven European Championships and four World Championships medals. It has been considered an enterprise in the swimming field for years.


Imani de Jong
At the age of 21, De Jong finally broke through. De Jong opened the 4x200M freestyle relay race at the European Championships, with the Netherlands winning the gold as an outsider.

Femke Police
Like De Jong, Paulus is 21 years old. As a member of the Amsterdam Nereus, she took gold at the U-23 World Cup in a double D four. Favorite Romanians can only watch.

Kenneth Taylor
Taylor has been at Ajax for twelve years and has no plans to leave at the moment. Last year, he broke permanently and made his debut for the Dutch national team. He is of constant value at Ajax, and it remains to be seen if that will also be the case at the World Cup in Orange.

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