WHO chief Tedros blasted Wuhan team’s conclusion on overseas origin of coronavirus

The WHO investigation was risky, conducted at a time when the United States and China ignored the importance of the origins of the virus. Virologist Ab Osterhaus had little faith in that beforehand, because “it would become a highly politicized meeting.” “I know roughly how things work in China,” he says. “The chance of what you really want to know will come to light to me.”

Given the assignment, Koopmans says he was naive. “Anyway, I underestimated the importance of focusing incredibly on this task.” However, she believes that this investigation is no longer possible due to a “political disagreement” which is a “very bad thing”. “In February there was a list of recommendations for further research,” the virologist said. The next step has not yet been taken. sad.”

The deal between the expedition leader, Peter Ben-Mubarak, and the Chinese delegation that took part in the expedition appears to be the reason why no further investigation of the Labelck theory was carried out. Mubarak says this in a recent Danish documentary. Provided that no further investigation was undertaken, the theory was allowed to be named. According to Koopmans, the rest of the WHO team knew nothing of this agreement. “We were all surprised by that.”

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