Who will buy the world’s largest (space) black diamond?

The rare black Enigma diamond, which weighs 555 carats and is the largest cut diamond in the world, will be hammered next month.

A rare cosmic wonder, Sotheby’s black diamond is called Enigma. According to Guinness World Records, the gem is not only the largest black diamond in the world, but also the largest cut diamond in the world. And as if that doesn’t make Enigma special enough, it differentiates itself in another way, according to the auction house. A gem can have an extraterrestrial origin. Enigma will soon be under the hammer.

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Enigma is a special gemstone. The black diamond, known as carbonado, is cut in such a way that it has 55 faces (read: sides), and weighs exactly 555.55 carats (111 grams). This emphasis on the five comes from the “Hand of Fatima” (five-fingered), or Khasmah (Arabic for “the five”), a Middle Eastern symbol of strength and protection.


In addition to the gemstone’s special colour, weight and shape, the possible origin of Enigma also makes the stone special. For example, the British auction house wrote that it could have originated from a meteorite impact or may have originated from a diamond-rich asteroid that hit Earth long ago.

But whether this is really the case remains to be seen. Although in the past scientists have discovered carbonados formed by the impact of a red-hot meteorite, those diamonds are usually very small. And let Enigma sit right at the other end. Geologists and diamond experts also say the idea that black diamonds came from a diamond-filled space rock seems improbable. Live Science.

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Extraterrestrial or simply created on Earth, those interested will have to dig in their pockets to get Enigma. Sotheby’s expects the gem to fetch $6.8 million on February 9.

Resources: Sotheby’sAnd Live Science

Photo: Sotheby’s

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