“Who’s at fault here?” Design Eiberg has consequences for traffic and safety | back corner

IBERGEN – The redesigned ‘Rumble’ IBERGEN Center. Rep. Hans Bailey of the PvdA has sounded the alarm about the speed going from walking speed to 30 kilometres. On Wednesday, the Berkeland Spatial Planning Commission showed there’s more going on: The implementation could also cause serious parking problems.

It is no longer a shopping area but a lane with pedestrian walkways. With the redesign of the Eiberg Center, the layout of the streets is back to what it was before. Although the sidewalks are not elevated and the sidewalk is nothing but a chamfered transition between one type of clinker and the other: for example, for pedestrian users, crossing can be carried out.

However, at the same time, a pedestrian user may need to speed up when crossing the road. Because the result of the separate path and footpaths is that the whole is no longer a “residential area” where only footsteps are allowed. Signals of 30 kilometers per hour must be applied to limit speed to this limit. Where 30 is twice the previous top speed.

Infantry subordinate again

Council member Hans Bailey previously asked important questions about this aspect. Which, according to his taste, yielded few concrete answers. On Wednesday evening, he demanded more attention in the continuation of the spatial planning committee meeting. “The plan for the center cost $5.7 million. At that time, on the initiative of the EOV, the central entrepreneurs attended the board meeting that was on the agenda. But at that time, the board made a decision based on the vision document. Not about performance. It also became Now, trucks, cars and motorcycles are to blame. Pedestrians are again subject to motorized traffic. So I ask the question: Did the task force inform the public to enter a 30-kilometre area instead of a residential area?

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