Why Android Auto reads your WhatsApp messages in poor Dutch

Also suffer from Google Assistant in Android Auto that reads WhatsApp messages in poor Dutch? This is an issue for which Google finally “has a solution”.

Android Auto and Google Assistant are bilingual

Over the past year and a half, bilingual users have had issues reading Google Assistant notifications in the wrong language. For some, this results in the word soup of incomprehensible sounds. Meanwhile, this issue also occurs with Google Assistant present in Android Auto. In the Netherlands, there are many complaints about the pronunciation of Dutch WhatsApp messages With an English accent. Androidworld gets a lot of complaints about this (see also This articleComplaints are also found at Android Auto Community To find.

Absorption solution

After months of working on the problem, Google finally came up with a solution, although you really can’t call it a solution. Google advises users to remove the secondary language from the assistant. Rather this one The solution Then he resolved and he seems to stay happy here as Google indicated That this problem has been resolved.

You can find the advertisement that the company refers to The original message Where bilingual problems were first reported. In it, a Google employee suggested the following solution: “If the Google Assistant reads the text messages in the wrong language, remove English as the secondary language. After that, change the Google Assistant voice language to match the Google Assistant language.”

What the company basically means is that you have to change your Android system language to match the assistant language as shown in This help article. As far as we are concerned, this is not a good solution as it deprives many users of the ability to use the multilingual assistant. We in the Netherlands, as well as many multilingual people around the world, are very used to it. Unfortunately, Google does not reveal why this problem occurs.

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Have you ever seen Google Assistant for Android Auto reading your messages with an English accent? Let us know in the comments.

Why Android Auto reads your WhatsApp messages in poor Dutch

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