Why Android TV apps will soon take up less storage space

Google has announced a change for Android TV and Google TV, which will ensure that apps take up much less storage space.

Read on after the announcement.

Android TV apps take up less space

The Google Will require developers starting May 2023 to provide support for Android TV and Google TV apps for “Application packagesThis should ensure that the Android TV and Google TV apps take up much less storage space, which is secretly a very important improvement.

Lots of smart TVs – and Google’s, too Chromecast with Google TV They often only have about 8GB of built-in storage. In comparison, if you buy a new Android phone now, in many cases you’ll get 128GB of storage. With real budget devices, it’s often 64GB. Since Android TV and Google TV usually have to make do with limited space, users cannot install too many apps and games.

This in turn means that users have to delete apps when the space is full and they want to use a new one. It’s not perfect which is why Google wants to (largely) fix this problem next year. According to the search giant, the developers do not spend a lot of time on this: it will take about three days to port the TV application.

Advantages of application packages

So-called “app bundles” have always been mandatory for the Android apps you install on your smartphone. These packages bring a number of benefits. For example, apps get 20 percent smaller on average, and if you archive them, you save up to 60 percent of storage space.

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With the archive function, you don’t get rid of apps, but actually save them for later – without taking up much space. The feature is built into the TV software itself. App bundles also optimize apps for the device you’re using them on.

We’re done with it robot planet I talked earlier about the limited storage capacity of devices running Android TV or Google TV. This is how Google wants Android TV and Google TV device makers We encourage you to build at least 16 GB of storage.

Curiously, the search giant itself isn’t a good example yet, because both Chromecast and Google TV are cheaper. Chromecast with Google TV HD Only 8GB storage. Google TV has had one for a while now Handy function to quickly free up space.

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