Why are record numbers of Americans resigning?

Suddenly Monica Rodriguez (46 years old) is tired of her job. For years, a brunette worked in a DIY shop in Saint Petersburg, a city on the west coast of Florida. She particularly enjoyed networking with clients, but during the coronavirus pandemic, her hourly paycheck — $13 — began to frustrate her more and more. “It was a very precarious place to work, and yet I didn’t exactly feel like the company valued us,” she says.

When her husband found a better job at an insurance company in early 2021, Rodriguez dared to take the step she had been thinking about for a while. She quit her job and started her photography career last summer. If I have a few clients per month, I am already earning more than before. I have plenty of time for myself.

Rodriguez is one of millions of examples in the United States of workers who have quit or traded jobs in the past year. Economists who follow statistics are the term big resignation To embrace – a huge wave of layoffs. Not because companies want to get rid of employees, but the other way around. Every month in July, August, September and October 2021, more than four million Americans voluntarily leave their jobs. In the twenty years that these numbers have been kept, there has never been such a number.

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