Why do we want Google One VPN to come to the Netherlands

Google just launched the service in the US, but now Google One VPN is making the jump. It’s coming to Canada, Mexico, the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy. Very close, but not yet in the Netherlands. This is Google One VPN and why we want it in the Netherlands.

Virtual Private Network

Google One is a storage plan, but it has been expanded to include a VPN option since October. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. Although many people use a VPN to pretend they are from the United States (to watch the American show on Netflix, for example), it’s actually primarily about security. It’s no coincidence that many employees have to log into a VPN first to make sure they can get all of the company’s apps right since the pandemic.

A VPN means that you put an encrypted type of layer of protection on your Internet connection. Your internet traffic goes through the VPN provider’s server and this gives you a new IP address that changes frequently, so that what you’re doing on the internet is hard to install on you. In short, VPNs are not only used for normal internet behavior: they can also be put to good use by people who want to do evil. However, it also offers a lot of legal advantages, so for example, a giant like Google is now adding it to its storage service.

google one

You can use Google One VPN if you live in one of the countries listed above and use a Google Storage plan of at least 2TB (which will cost you €10 per month). Thanks to the VPN add-on, all your internet traffic, whether it’s in an app or in a browser, is encrypted. Google has also pledged that it will never use a VPN connection to track, display or sell your browsing activity. It’s mainly about safety, so don’t change your location too often. So if you, as an American, are now going to the Netherlands with this subscription, the service won’t work because you don’t yet live in the Netherlands.

Now we don’t want Google One VPN only for Americans visiting our country: we do. Especially when it comes to storage, you want to send these important documents in a secure manner. VPN helps with that. Since it’s specifically included in the Google One subscription, it’s also an added benefit that you don’t have to pay extra for.

Not yet in the Netherlands

Precisely because of the security and the fact that you no longer have to pay for it – and many people already have a Google One subscription – we’d love to see Google One VPN also roll out in the Netherlands as soon as possible. Hopefully, this is not the same as the Google Pixel phone, which you can also only buy if you import it from the Google Store from Germany or France. However, the information about the VPN option is already on google dutch site, This gives hope.

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