Why not be afraid of these German speed cameras | Sentences

Many motorists in Germany tend to hit the brakes when they see a blue speed camera. But the fear of accelerating the fine with these two poles is unfounded.

In Germany they can be found more and more along country roads: tall blue pillars with several small mirrors, some of them tinted red. Despite its striking color, drivers often mistake it for speed cameras. Some people brake suddenly for fear of being fined and causing rear-end collisions.

Grain trucks

But the fear is unfounded. The blue bars are not speed cameras and the drivers are not targets. Instead, they exist only to control the fees charged on trucks. Since July 1, 2018, such tolls for trucks over 7.5 tons no longer apply not only to highways, but also to national roads.

Blue Posts checks that the fee has been paid correctly. The striking color scheme was deliberately chosen by operator Toll Collect to avoid confusion with other flash units. In any case, there is still a risk of confusion in parts of northern Germany, as blue flashes are still used there.

fee collection

The blue poles are equipped with quite a few cameras because the passing trucks are taped from three points of view. However, speed cameras completely ignore cars, explains Toll Collect. “Depending on the size and number of axles, the columns ‘see’ vehicles that are not subject to painting, like normal cars,” the Western Hessen State Police confirmed in a Facebook message.

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