Why this important character did not appear in the movie ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’

Angkor Rice was actively involved in the Spider-Man: No Way Home advertising campaign, but his character Betty Brand had only a minor role in the film. The actress tells the Hollywood Reporter why. Do not read this article if you do not want to know anything No way home.

Peter Parker (Tom Holland) Spider-Man: No Way Home Some time for school activities. Thus, some of the hero’s classmates have smaller roles in the film than in the previous two episodes.

For example, the box brand starring Angkor Rice can only be seen in one scene. According to the Australian actress, there are several reasons for this.

The epidemic has affected and destabilized many things in the world. Also production products for Spider-Man and all recent filmsShe starts.

Rice wanted to return, but limited his work in the United States. After all, the actress had to be isolated for two weeks every time she wanted to return to her native Australia. “The journey was hard, it sure was“, She says.

According to Rice, the story is also clear No way home The lesser topic revolves around the hero’s school life. “The film centers on the story of Peter, which takes place on a very large scale and deals with many existential questions about what a superhero is.“.

Rice is pleased to be asked to be an active part of this year’s blockbuster marketing campaign. J. Her role as a coach at Jonah Jameson (JK Simons)’s controversial site Daily Book.

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We later recorded those videos in my native Australia“, She says.


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