Wickman ‘happy’ with practical defeat against US

21:14 – For the first time since the losing World Cup final, Orangelewinen has returned to the international arena for the first time, as in France, this time in a friendly against the United States. National coach Sarina Wickman was delighted with that defeat ahead of the Olympics.

Wickman 'happy' with practical defeat against US

She said it quite the opposite Alzheimer’s Docblot About the failure of the previous calendar year. “We have been tested at the highest level, we have evaluated that game and taken a lot of things from it. Now we hope to take it to the next level,” the outgoing coach explained of the loss.

“The game against the United States is a moment towards the Olympics. I’m not shocked. Many say the differences are mainly physical, but we think those differences are very small. We look for it mainly in football,” Wigman says. , Expects friendly duels with Belgium and Germany in the coming days. “They are two great nations and I am very happy that we can play against them. Also, it has been a while since we met them,” the national coach said.

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