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Only two green screens could be seen yet everyone was allowed to stay: almost every season Who is the mole? There is one episode where no one has to go home, and that was the case in the Czech Republic this week. Evelien de Bruijn, who participated in 2019, thinks this is somewhat unfortunate.

Note: This article contains spoilers

“With us, the first episode was targeted immediately: Everyone was allowed to stay. As a group of course very nice, but it remains very double. Actually, you just want to continue and people have to go home for that. It changes the dynamics, I think.” De Bruijn says in a conversation with NU.nl.

What did you notice in this episode?

“There was a little bit of molding. It was tough also, I think, because on the first mission lying was pretty much the only thing you could do. Of course they all did, haha. I always look: What’s your mission here? If you are the mall I think you should immediately see who stands at whatever station he does not want to exit. Only one person noticed: Splinter (Chabot, Editor).

“Mission 2 was very fun as a viewer, it was just fun to watch. Although I have an idea it wasn’t too difficult. Yes, except for lasso. I also really wonder if Marije (Knevel, ed. I shouldn’t have done that) In a different way. I didn’t understand that she had tried anything else. Maybe she should have knocked over those poles? And did she put her arm in the bars in a different way? No, eh? Then a little bit. ”

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Who is so fair?

“Mary, because her disappointing reactions to how the rest were joking and let her down a bit, was so honest. I had a bit of a feeling that you were going to elementary school for the first time as a kid with the idea that it all got fun and adventurous. But then she steps in and notices that all Someone already has some friends, and you are the only one. “

“Mary thought she had already found her place in the group, but everyone seemed to be turning on her. Obviously, she felt very lonely, also because the rest had lied about how many clowns they actually had. She realized that feeling of detachment from the crowd the group also stands: I had three clowns Then they don’t, and then you notice that you have got rid of others.

Who cheats?

“I wouldn’t call her a liar, but Charlotte (Nijs, editor) can put some fun in her fun. You can also see her actively saying, ‘Then we’re going to lie about it!’ She is my co-star. The heart of the Netherlands We are in regular contact, I know they do this as part of the game. I really like to see her enjoying herself so much. ”

Who will go out next week?

“Mariage is recovering. She was really surprised when Rene chose not to see her screen. I think she really thought she was going to fly now. But now she is nearing the end. She wants to prove herself now. So I think she will be Rocky (Hehakaija, Editor). She is very smart. I do notice about this group anyway, but still: I think it’s intertwined and let go. “

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Who is the mole?

“I’m into Renée and Splinter. Renée, because I have an idea that she plays a role. You might not be physically stronger, but that might make the rest underestimate her too. And I saw that in Task 3: She was ultimately very critical about who gets out.”

“Splinter has blocked two clowns for the next elimination. That could be for two reasons: Either because he suspected Renee would choose him and already knew that no one would come out, or because he was de Mole then you have. The jokers are not necessary at all.”

“As a software maker I would have chosen him. He disarms and can convince people this way. At the same time, he does not react very strongly to things. It appears in his book that he has a lot of doubts about everything for the sake of a long time, total uncertainty. Throughout his life. Being De Mole would be a kind of personal triumph. “

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