Wiersma will speak to schools about banning cell phones


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Minister Wiersma will talk to schools about the possibility of banning cell phones in classrooms. In the House of Representatives, he acknowledged that cell phones could disrupt lessons, but also noted that it was up to the schools themselves to set policy on the matter. “This space exists and schools occupy this space as well.”

Wiersma also acknowledged that it can be confusing when a teacher in one school encourages the use of cell phones in class while another does not. The Ministry is already helping schools with the issue of how they use mobile phones. But he said after a proposal from the CDA and PVV that he wanted to intensify those talks. He leaves his judgment on this proposal to the judgment of the council, which in practice means he can live with it.

CDA MP Peters and his colleague Bertima have criticized the use of cell phones in classrooms for some time now. Their proposal states that “Properly pursuing education with a smartphone in the vicinity is in fact impossible and there is a broad consensus that smartphones in the classroom are a major problem.”

According to the proposal, cabinet should discuss with schools and other parties how smartphones can be banned from classrooms and whether a nationwide ban would help. “It is likely that this movement will get a majority in the House of Representatives.

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