Wijnne Fact | “Maintaining Dronten’s core values ​​will be a big task”

Dronten municipality may advertise itself as a city, but of course it is not. Dronten is and will remain a village, no matter how big it will grow. However, it is entirely possible that Dronten will take over urban features in the coming decades, if it reaches a certain size. Whether in a positive sense, time will tell.

Dronten currently has room to grow from 8,000 to 11,000 homes by 2050. This includes plans for just under 3,500 additional homes by 2035. This arose from preliminary exploration commissioned by the municipality into the desirable growth in Dronten.

This exploration, the results of which were announced in September, forms the basis for the conversation the municipality is having with residents about how to grow Dronten and about the character of Dronten in the future. I recently read in this paper that residents can participate extensively in this process in all sorts of ways and possibly also participate in decision-making. Residents were given a questionnaire and online and physical meetings were held on this topic. There was an additional meeting of young people.

“green,” “village,” “space,” “comfort,” and “cheerful.”

Results, So I read , not entirely unexpected. The basic values ​​that most residents value for the municipality of Dronten are “green”, “village-like”, “space”, “peace” and “joyful”. He stated that Dronten should retain its village character, its sense of space and space to nature, even as it grows.

Preferably, residents do not want tall buildings, and if they have to, then at the station or near the center of Dronten. Dronten residents who made their voices heard indicated that the municipality should make more demands to developers in order to also obtain other forms of housing and architecture. This is to be able to respond to future developments, such as more nursing homes and homes for young people.

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Dronter Principles

In January, the city council must consider the so-called “Dronter Principles” that should apply to future growth.

In March and April, different scenarios of this growth will be on the political agenda.

I wonder to what extent the housing mission and the above core values ​​are compatible with each other.

I think the values ​​’green’, ‘village’, ‘space’, ‘peace’ and ‘joyful’ are antithetical to housing allocation for the coming years.

To put it mildly, it will be a big task for the parties involved to ensure that core values ​​are preserved and that it does not snow slowly but surely as Dronten grows bigger and bigger.

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