Wilhelmina hits in East Holland | the bridge

VARSSEVELD – Wilhelmina competed with sixteen sports teams on Saturday at the East Holland Championships in Farsfeld. Four teams have been awarded the Overijssel title. Fourteen teams qualified for the national semi-finals.

Hasse van der Scheer and Vjenna Vellinga started first in the morning race. They took third place. Next, Meryl Nesink and Julia Weckert took first place. Both teams qualified for the semi-finals. Lizah Vos and Wende Bontje are the first reserve. Because of a simple mistake they had to settle for eighth.

In the E-juniors class, Emma Ekkelboom, Imke van der Scheer and Yrsa Schuldink finished fourth. Amelie van der Kolk, Liev van der Meer and Nina Riel finished fifth. Sarah Brink and Meri van Neukirk took seventh place among the duo. All three teams qualified for the semi-finals.

In the second match, it was the seniors’ turn. Melissa Janssen and Eliane Jansen became the champions of East Holland here. Murthy Margaret Bursma and Ronja Al Hamdani came in eighth. Mixed duo Marco Nieuwenhuis and Mick van der Velde also took home the East Holland title. Lynn Boss, Emma Leigenhorst and Jasmine Nesink took the silver in Youth Category D. All the teams mentioned in the second match qualified for the semi-finals.

In match three, he held seventh place for Mandy Ebrink and Michaela de Wilde. They are the first reserve. Erin van der Velde and Sar de Jong took the bronze and reached the semi-finals. Gene Wolves, Jed Diegmann and Marit van der Velde won the gold in the D-junior category. Juliette Juncker, Mila Wing and Hannah Huxbergen took third place. Team D-Senior Lotte Starke, Isabel Goosen and Roos Schreuder finished fifth. Anuska Brink and Anne Kristen Hollander won the bronze. These triples can also be seen in the semi-finals.

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