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Appoint your employees to prevent absenteeism

Several studies show a link between absenteeism and dissatisfaction with leadership. Sweden’s Karolinska Institute conducted research on 3,000 workers across Europe and concluded that there is a direct link between poor driving and heart disease. Closer to home, other research shows that with a bad boss nearly half of all employees have motivation problems. “A quarter of them have become seriously depressed,” says Will Stauffer, Arbo Unie social worker. “I’ve also encountered this with the employees I supervise: people don’t feel they are seen or appreciated by their manager. Then the happiness at work collapses. With sincere concern, you can make your employees feel more connected to their tasks and to your organization. Then the energy will flow again and people will come to work whistling “.

Attention creates confidence

Weil stresses that it is not just about considering the talents and skills of employees. “There are also many things that can affect how someone functions outside of work: a relationship falling apart, financial problems, your mother getting sick, conflict with neighbours, parenting issues. All situations where employees are at greater risk of dropping out. And where you as a manager can make a difference. Simply by giving space and regular notification: How are things going today? Are you having problems and how can we help? With similar issues, you see that employees who have social support often stand more upright than others who don’t. Because it creates trust. And so it takes away a lot of stress. So by caring, it can cost you a lot, but you can also prevent a lot of personal suffering.”

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Policy provides clarity

As a manager — or as an organization — how do you give your employees the attention they need, even if you’re more results and numbers oriented by nature? “An important step is for you, as an organization, to develop a policy on this,” Weil says. “That you record agreements about how you will deal with employees who, for example, are in informal care, or whose loved one dies. Employers are sometimes hesitant about this because every situation requires customization. If an employee stays home for months after a loss A loved one, can you return another after three days? Don’t you get crooked faces? However, this is not a reason to abandon the policy. Everyone understands that this is a custom business. Through the policy, you can make this clear, and the employees also know what they can count on It Arbo Unie is pleased to advise on this matter.

You can learn to pay attention

Will also has some advice for managers:

  • Get to know your employees. Don’t be an Excel manager who gives the impression that you are just looking at the numbers, but show interest in your employees. Regularly ask how things are going, if they are still having a good time, if they are not too busy, and what they need. Make room for it and don’t wait until the next performance review.
  • Don’t just talk about work, ask how things are going at home and what someone was doing over the weekend. This way you can quickly put what’s going on into better action. You may also discover unexpected talents in your employees.
  • Provide support to employees in stressful situations. Whether these stressors are at work or at home. You don’t have to solve problems for them, but you can facilitate solutions. Ask what they have already done or could do and how you can help. This way they maintain control.
  • Is attention not your strong point? Then be aware of that and make time for it in your schedule. It’s also a good idea to occasionally quarrel with fellow managers and your own boss about how to lead in a more people-oriented way.
  • Or ask your employees themselves. This takes courage, but it pays off in abundance. If you are vulnerable as a manager and show your human side, you will also receive more appreciation for yourself. So the benefits work both ways.
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