Will gaming studios close the beginning of the end of Google Stadia?

Suddenly there was. Google Stadia press release What really hit the mark. One that was a bit surprising because Stadia was one of the best months in the beginning of its game streaming service thanks to Cyberpunk 2077. But it seems in vain. Google has decided to close its studio that has made exclusive games for the service. This makes Stadia known in one Blog post.

Google Stadia Studio of 150 should be looking for another job starting today

It’s about closing studio Stadia Games & Entertainment, which has yet to produce a single game. The studio had offices in Los Angeles and Montreal and employed 150 developers. Further business is being sought for them within the huge company. Phil Harrison, Google CEO, says Stadia isn’t ready. The focus is now on further developing Stadia technology and collaborating with third-party developers to bring their games to the Stadia platform. But yeah, that’s completely different from what the game streaming service started in 2019. Within a year, the US giant’s gaming adventure appears to be over. This might be called bizarre to say the least.

Does Google mainly operate?

Because here we’re dealing with the beginning of the end of Google Stadia and Phil Harrison is trying to spin things a little better than they are, or it’s just a mastermind. A step many do not see yet. Daan and JJ sat down to take a closer look at the matter. What is the future of Google Stadia now? Will the game streaming service still exist in a year or end like one of Google’s many projects at KilledbyGoogle.com. You can see and hear about Google Stadia Game Studio being turned off in this entry.

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