Will Half-Life 3 be launched or should we forget it?

With Half-Life Alyx, Valve has given us a nice comeback from the Half-Life franchise. It was a full episode and arguably the best VR game ever. Although the Half-Life franchise has officially returned from hibernation, it’s not completely known if and what the series will bring us. Then this question always comes up. Is Half-Life 3 Still Coming Up? JJ looked into Half-life history to see if there was still a chance we’d see Part 3. And all because Valve boss Gabe Newell opened the door again earlier this week …

The return of the lost franchise

From 2007 to 2019, it’s been totally quiet about the Half-Life franchise. Episode 3, planned for 2008, was never heard, and the franchise’s return was not 100% certain. That afternoon ended in November 2019, then Half Life: Alex It was shown for the first time. The game got a release date in March 2020. Time is finally out. The Half-Life franchise is officially back. Or did we actually work on the series in those years, but never experienced that?

But where is Half Life 3 now?

But Half-Life Alyx’s arrival hasn’t changed much when it comes to Half-Life 3. Half-Life 3 still doesn’t exist, and we don’t know if it’s in development. Gabe and his colleagues refuse to give real specific information. However, in an interview this week, Gabe noted that Half-Life Alyx has changed quite a bit in the studio. What he did not say. Only some games were under development. The question now is whether Half-Life 3 is included. Is the game in development or will it happen again? JJ will attempt to answer this question based on interviews, data, company culture, and Valve’s norms today.

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