Will Iris Schulten from Groningen become a fourth Dutch weightlifting champion? “175 kilograms squatting means very little to people, so I always say I can lift four refrigerators.”

During the day, Iris Schulten is a doctoral student at the University of Groningen, but in her spare time she trains with unprecedented heavy weights. Next week she tries to win the Dutch weightlifting championship for the fourth time.

In Schulten’s garage, heavy steel roars regularly. She explains that music helps her “get excited” during training sessions, as she explains Friday evening Hadiths of the city . She works in weightlifting. A relatively new sport that revolves around three exercises: squats, bench press and deadlift.

Basically this means that athletes should lift as much weight as possible. “The Dutch record for squatting is 175 kilograms, and I actually sat 185 kilos during my training,” says Schulten. This is equivalent to the weight of four refrigerators.

Announcer Nathan is crying

Loud music isn’t the only thing that can help revitalize your energy. Schulten also took ammonia capsules to Talk of the Town Table on Friday. “I use it sometimes while training, when I’ve had a long day and noticed that it’s easy to get distracted.”

Sniffing the capsules quickly will provide additional oxygen to the brain. Presenter Nathan de Vries wanted to try this. Although he regretted it a little: “Oh my God. Tears are in my eyes, man.”

On Saturday May 22, Schulten will compete in NK for the fourth time in the up to 63kg category. “I still have three training sessions, then I have to rest, and then I’m ready for that.”

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