Will Regmenum win the 2021 Space Award? (Bonheiden)

Stationsplein has been renewed.
Photo: Eric Van Ecken

Bonheiden / Regmename –

Regmenum is one of the nominee municipalities (sub) competing for the 2021 Year Space Award. The village center has been meticulously handled, for example the Stationsplein and Church offond renewal.

The Public Space Award, an organization affiliated with the Public Space Information Point, is an annual recognition awarded for exceptional village core renovations. The Public Space Project invitation always results in dozens of applications, from which an independent professional jury nominates five projects and selects a winner. Regimename is one of the Public Award nominees. Local Council Member for Spatial Planning Mieke Van den Brande (CD&V): “The jury was especially pleased that we realized something beautiful in a small municipality in such a small place. Regmename became a gem. We sent a photo before and after the works, which makes the world different,” She explains ships.

Will Regmenum win the 2021 Space Award?
Evening at church.
Photo: evb

Meeting place

A major achievement was the construction of the rotor at the intersection of Dijleweg and Lange Dreef, but the redevelopment of the Stationsplein became the determining factor, according to van den Brandy. “We did not obscure the first design with the plane trees pointing south, but we chose the design with a valley with rainwater seepage, thus we created a completely new place that gradually evolves into a meeting place with lots of color through the flowers. This also creates beautiful biodiversity. As I pass by, I see People are sitting on the benches. It was by no means a dead square. ” In addition to the meeting place, it is also possible to park in the square. “This way we have taken into consideration the accessibility of our traders.”

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Vote through May 30th www.congrespubliekeruimte.info/prijs-publieke-ruimte.

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