Will Square Enix be part of Sony Worldwide Studios?

Time for a two-man version of GK Journaal. After Daan’s absence in the previous broadcast, he’s back in full. And that’s a good thing, because a lot has happened in the last few days. For example, Daan and JJ will talk about a possible move from Square Enix to Sony Worldwide Studios, Final Fantasy VII Ultimate Edition, Dualsense drifting controller, Crazy Unreal Engine 5, heroes of The Last of Us and Take-Two 95 games. In short, it promises to be a great release from GK Journaal. Just sit back and click that play button.

Will Square Enix only make games for PlayStation?

Last year we received the first part of a Final Fantasy VII edition on PS4. It appears that the new version will be released on other platforms in April. And this is how the Final Fantasy Remake PS4 exclusivity ends in April. But what platforms will they be on? Are we all on our way? PlayStation, Xbox and PC owner? And will that be done exclusively in Part 2 or is something else going on? What are the rumors and is it true? Daan and JJ go to it on a grand scale.

News about the series The Last of Us on HBO

A while ago, it was announced that they are working on the series The Last of Us. Since this announcement, things have remained fairly quiet about the series so far. In a very short time, several casting messages were received about the series. And people were immediately ready with the pitchfork to express their exclusive opinions to the rest of the world. In GK Journaal we tell you the choices they made when it came to playing the role of Joel and Ellie. At the weekend of Friday Live we enter the discussion. Can you join us?

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