Will “Woke Up” M&Ms also disappear from Dutch TV after a fanfare in the US?

Americans so attached to M&M speaking numbers are having a rough week. M&M’s finishes “live” animation of chocolate in television commercials. The reason is the fuss that has emerged in the United States over the numbers. After making several “sweeping” changes, they are now said to be very “woke up”.

M&M’s has been advertising for years with their “red” and “yellow” talking chocolates. The candy brand does this not only in the United States, but also in the Netherlands.

M&M’s is not satisfied until all cartoon characters are genderless.

The uproar erupted in the United States when Tucker Carlson, one of the country’s most popular political commentators and star of the right-wing news and opinion channel, said, Fox News, adamantly opposed to changing “live” M&M’s dolls. According to him, the change is part of a political game for the candy brand, which wants to radiate more inclusivity.

Among other things, the fact that one of the ladies, in green, swapped her pumps for sneakers would be an attack on the classic gender roles. Tucker Carlson said the numbers were “misrepresented”. M&M’s is not satisfied until all of the cartoon characters are genderless. Up until that point, you’ll never want to have a drink with any of them again. That’s the point.

Orange, Purple, and Green: No doll can do well in the States

That was not all. “Red” and “yellow” have increasingly joined other colors in recent years. One of them is ‘Purple’, a female chocolate doll that is a bit on the thicker side and therefore has to pay a lot of money. Conservatives in the US don’t like the fact that M&M wants to promote “body positivity” in this way.

There’s also a lot of criticism of the rather scary orange doll, which, according to right-wing Americans, would make the sweets even more frightening. In his recent speech on “Obesity and Lesbians,” Tucker Carlson opens up about the situation.

Question marks about the candy brand advertisement

There are also question marks about Moment An advertisement for M&Ms, which has therefore decided to ban the dolls. The hype has been largely quelled, especially online. In addition, the candy brand had already announced in December that comedian and actress Maya Rudolph would star in ads for M&M’s. M around the Super Bowl.

The NFL season finale is one of the most watched TV nights of the year. The commercials that can be seen during the break are always waiting. Of course, advertising around M & Ms is now getting more attention. So the M&A move can also be a publicity stunt.

It is not yet clear if talking M&Ms can still be seen in Dutch TV commercials. A spokesperson for M&M’s in the Netherlands has not yet responded to Metro’s questions on the matter.

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