Williams revealed the cause of the Alban brake disc rupture

Dave Robson, who is responsible for the performance of the Williams car, reveals the mysterious reason why Alexander Alban exploded on the brake disc while Emilia Romagna qualified for the Grand Prix.

Alphonse failed to set the fold time in Q1. His right rear brake caught fire as far as Pyradella. Eventually the brake disc of the Alphonse car exploded. The incident is similar to the incident of teammate Nicholas Latifi during the pre-season winter test, although the team has confirmed that the two explosions were caused by different issues.

Wrong setting

“Alex had a braking problem due to incorrect shift position when switching to dry weather tires,” Robson explains. The brake discs died due to incorrect installation. In the end, Alban started the sprint race last. The former Red Bull driver did the same in Australia, where he was able to score a point with a solo strategy.


This frightened the driver, who did not know what the damage was. “It was a little scary,” Alban explains. He continues: “This is not the place you want to miss the brakes, but something went wrong.” The 26-year-old regrets he deserved it, but did not give up. “It’s a shame it turned out like this, but it’s one of those things that can happen,” he concluded.

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