Willie Wortal on slavery: “It is a man to take advantage of others” | Entertainment

gibberish He saw cash books in Curaçao which stated that his grandmother was bought as a slave. “I think it might happen again that people treat each other this way,” the singer fears. “It’s a lot inside us, this bad thing about people. And that won’t go away. People always want to take care of themselves. I come first, then me, then me. Then me again. And then maybe we think of someone else.”

Willy believes that even in the modern Netherlands people are still able to practice modern slavery. “It still happens that we get people from somewhere to get them to do the work we don’t want to do and then pay really badly. It’s part of a human being to take advantage of others. I hope I do something about it.”

Not a delightful picture of humanity

The trip to Curaçao made the rapper think of himself. “You know, of course, that blacks are descended from enslaved people. But all of a sudden I wondered about myself: Why do I love freedom so much? Is this because of that history in my body? This kind of knowledge does not give you a joyful picture of humanity.”

Wartal released his new album at the end of February New art Who, Where he recorded videos for each issue at the Forlinden Museum.

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