Williki Alberti: “Suddenly it is time to mourn” | stars

She suddenly spent the days at home mourning the loss of her parents and close friends. “Suddenly I had time to grieve – I now discover that I never did,” said Alberti, who recorded Belinda Moldick’s biography of herself as an audiobook during the onset of the pandemic. “Then everything will pass again. I thought that was too emotional, it just hit my voice.”

Because of all those feelings, she couldn’t sing at all at that moment. “I wouldn’t get a note,” said the 76-year-old singer, known for her previous songs as Spiegelbild and Sammenzen.

Fortunately, that period is now over. The singer, who is on the jury for the best Dutch Eurovision song of all time, is wishing to perform again. She hopes to resume the tour soon on the occasion of her 75th birthday, which was scheduled for last year. She had to cancel the gig series due to the pandemic. The singer has said before, “I yearn to be able and let me go back on stage.”

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