Win an AAW wireless car adapter

Android Auto is one of the most talked about topics in Androidworld in 2022. Many of our readers are very interested in it and so today’s AW Advent Calendar is a good one to keep an eye on.

Win an AAW wireless car adapter

Most cars equipped with an infotainment system can Android Auto By connecting a smartphone via a USB cable. This works, but it is not always appropriate. The cable limits the space where you can place the phone. Fortunately, AAW wireless has created a plug-and-play device that enables wireless communications with Android Auto. Using the AAW wireless adapter doesn’t change usage at all, except that you now have a wireless connection to your entertainment system.

This is how you can win AAW wireless!

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AW Advent Calendar 2022, Day 21: Win Your Android Wireless Car Adapter

Buy the AAW wireless Android Auto adapter

With this adapter and companion app, you can make Android Auto wireless and no longer have the hassle of cables.

89.95 euros

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