Winston robs frantic couple of millions Hunt: ‘Busy in the bedroom’

In the chasing a million dollarsIn the studio of Linda de Mol, Peter won 147,000 euros. The same amount goes to the winner at home, so Winston can get back on the road. The doorbell rings in a house in Eindhoven where it is already dark. And wait… and ring… and wait… and ring the bell again. “Good evening!” cried Winston from the front yard. “Wouldn’t we be standing in front of a closed door in all these years?”

But then a voice is heard from above. A man wakes up immediately when he realizes that he and Winston have a big check. “I’m going down. I go to bed early, I think.” Meanwhile, Winston wonders aloud, “Sleep early…Yes, of course that can mean two things…Let’s leave that in the middle.”

The man of the house appears in front of the camera in shorts and a bloated shirt quickly, sitting on the sofa with Winston. Winston asks, “Were you alone in bed?” “No, I have a partner and we have children together.” Why do they go to bed so early? “We’re renovating. We started early this morning, so we went to bed early one night.”

After a moment, the respective partner appears on the screen. With red cheeks and a sweaty forehead, the two heard they could put 147,000 euros in their pocket. The woman laughs: “Well, I want to get out of bed for that.” “I think we’ll go back to bed in a little while, and we’ll have another drink,” the man adds. The couple tells Winston that money will be on hand for renovations and a dream trip to Scotland.

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Meanwhile, viewers fill in what’s really going on in that bedroom for tête-à-tête with Winston. Does Winston have such an extension dirty mind? Well, viewers totally think and love it.

chasing a million dollars See you every Sunday at 8pm on SBS6 and Look back here.

Linda de Mall is back and not only with chasing a million dollars. According to Aran Bade, the show was the best way to start her exciting comeback:

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