With his ability to walk and foresight, Guus Til fits perfectly into the Slot Trainer’s plan

Guus Til faces guard Robin Ruiter from Willem II.  The Feyenoord midfielder is the top scorer in the Eredivisie (along with teammate Linsen and Ajax Haller).  Statue of Jos Dobelmann / de Volkskrant

Guus Til faces guard Robin Ruiter from Willem II. The Feyenoord midfielder is the top scorer in the Eredivisie (along with teammate Linsen and Ajax Haller).Statue of Jos Dobelmann / de Volkskrant

After the stunning and oppressive victory over NEC (5-3) last weekend, an expressive text appeared on Feyenoord’s Twitter account: It’s not over until it’s over. A reference to Guus Til’s two late goals, with which he saved his team from losing exorbitant points.

It was not the first time this season that the attacking midfielder, who came on loan from Russian club Spartak Moscow this summer, has been the famous man at his new club. Thiel has already scored eleven goals in all competitions (six in Europe and five in the Eredivisie) and is the top scorer for Feyenoord, who got off to a strong start under new coach Arne Slott.

Sesame has an important role to play. With his ability to run, his sense of space, his nose on target, and his insight into the game, he fits right in with the game Slot has in mind. A forward oriented game, with plenty of depth and constantly chasing the opponent when the ball is lost. It will also appear on Thursday evening against Slavia Prague in the group stage of the Conference League.

The most eye-catching newcomer

The 23-year-old Thiel can rightly be described as the most striking newcomer on the Dutch fields this season, although that term isn’t quite right either. As a youth player for AZ, he played in the Eredivisie for three years and scored 21 goals. Even Spartak Moscow had eighteen million in 2019 for the three-time Orange International, who was born in Zambia and lived in Mozambique due to the development work of his father.

Despite the prosperity of his development in AZ, Til did not go well in Russia. And later in Germany, where he played on loan for Freiburg last season. He played only seven matches in the German Bundesliga. “The past two years haven’t gone the way I would have liked,” Thiel said during his show in Feyenoord. “It was an unfortunate time.”

In Feyenoord’s shirt, Thiel is very reminiscent of the dynamic quarterback he played for in Arizona, notes Martin Haar. Thiel was under his care for one season as coach of Jong AZ, before moving to the first team, where Slot was assistant coach at the time. “Slot knows exactly how to use the Til in his power,” says Harr.

On-Nederlands talent

Describing Thiel as a non-Dutch talent, he didn’t necessarily have to rely on his polished technique or perfect passing, like Myron Boadaux and Calvin Stings, his Jung-Az teammates. Til was distinguished by his ability to walk and his sense of depth at the right moments.

She: ‘He would sometimes try a trick, like heels, but I always told him to do what he was good at. He broke all his opponents and came in front of goal at the right moments. Nobody really can keep up, although I had to remind him of that at the time.

Thiel grew up in Amsterdam Belmer, but never played for Ajax. Simply because the club never explored him. Haar compares his way of playing football with that of Davy Claassen and Donny van de Beek, talents who have advanced at Ajax in the past decade. Midfielders with horse lung capacity. “A dying breed, certainly in Holland.”

In Spartak and Friborg, Thiel faced his limits when clubs changed their regulations after disappointing results and began playing football without a number ten. She: ‘If you put Guus as a hanging left winger and expect him to pass a guy in a small space, he suddenly becomes a very normal footballer. This is not where its quality lies.


Til is a renewed Feyenoord catcher, who this season presents himself with lively football and attacking. The international, who went in and scored in the last international match against Turkey (6-1), was quickly forgotten by Stephen Burgess who left for Ajax in Al-Queb with his contagious style and goals.

In the game, Slot wants to play with Feyenoord, it is important that the attacking midfielder can cross several meters and often appears in front of the opponent’s goal. In the Eredivisie this season, only six players had more contact with the ball in the enemy penalty area than Teal (35), while Feyenoord played a game less than most teams.

Sesame has its advantages and disadvantages. “I can be very good,” he said after coming to Feyenoord, where he has more than ever to prove something, “but then the conditions must be good.” “Guus is eager to leave something in Feyenoord after two years less,” Slot said.

Not surprisingly, his former pupil came back to life in such a short time in Feyenoord. Sesame has very specific qualities. He couldn’t have lost it. It just needs to be used the right way.

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