“With the arrival of Kudos, Bergwijn simply began to perform much less.”

Arnold Brujnick, Kenneth Perez and Marciano Fink see Ajax very poorly armed against PSV Eindhoven. The trio are strict about the choices made by coach Alfred Schroeder and the failure to perform tasks properly. Sanchez gives Gakpo plenty of room for the cross.

“We expected in advance that PSV would be able to hurt Ajax from the substitution, of course it was not the case,” concluded Bruggink in This was the weekend. It was more that PSV could play the ball from left to right and that Ajax allowed that to happen in the first half.

0-1 fell from a cross from Cody Jaco to Luc de Jong, with the player getting plenty of time from Jorge Sanchez, according to the men seated at the table. “The coach said up front that they know Gakpo’s favorite leg and yet I let it happen. You want to cover him up to the back line, but you have to let him (Gakpo, editor) walk there with his left hand. But Sanchez gives him plenty of room to cross.”

Stephen Bergwijn’s lower performances were also discussed. “I really like it on the left side,” Vink said. “But at some point something happened that forced Kudus to play. With Kudus coming into the squad, Berghuis simply started to perform a lot less. The space is no longer there. Then you also have Berghuis who wants to walk in that space. Berghuis is not the right winger to want out. “He wants to go inside. That’s where his strength lies. At the start of the competition, he regularly scored beautiful goals in the far corner. If that were removed, there would be little left of Bergwijn and Tadic.”

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