“With the cultivation of the tallest orchard in Europe, we are creating a calling card for the region.”

Drive on the A15, 33 km from Tell-to-Dodiward, with fruit trees, boulevard trees and blossoms. If Prorail and Rijkswaterstaat give permission, many farmers will start planting Europe’s tallest orchard this fall, he writes Fruit Charter In her newsletter. One of them is a pear farmer, Johan de Ruyter of Erquem: “By planting we are creating a calling card for the region.”

Johan de Ruyter

The idea for greening thirty-three kilometers of remaining space between the Betuwe and A15 line, from Deil to Dodewaard, is from designer Caro Agterberg, who won first prize in the 2017 ‘Make Gelderland More Beautiful’ competition.De Ruiter: “All that ugly concrete. Betuwe line wall and noise barriers give absolutely no idea what is going on behind them. Fruit trees and avenue allow passers-by to get to know the area and experience it better and it becomes more attractive to visit once more. To take the exit to our area.

Fruit growers want to plant shrubs (low proportions), standard trees and ornaments and plant the same flower mixture underneath that they use in flower strips in and near orchards. “But we realize the plan has to be a combination of beautiful landscaping, safety and practicality. The trees should be at least six meters off the paved road and there must be enough space to keep the trenches and trenches clean. Where there is enough space, we can We grow low proportions and where there is less space, great fruit. “

“In locations where motorists need a good view under the trees, tall trees are planned. The goal is to remove the pear trees from our company anyway at the Tiel-West exit, because more than one hectare of land would have been used by the municipality for social housing. At the Wadenoijen exit, Aart Blom cherry farmer wants to take care of the cherry trees. And along the A15, there will be avenue trees, because they represent the surrounding area. So the plum trees were planned for on the edge of the Dodewaard. The fruit growers who plant the trees continue to conserve the trees themselves. ” .

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“We adopt a piece of roadside, as it were. As farmers, we take care of planting and maintenance in the long term. We especially enjoy working with it, but we would like to see a sign with our farms. That might point to our country store Prince Herlejk.”

Meanwhile, the fruit grower held two conversations with the De Langste Boomgaard Project Steering Group, which in turn consulted with mayors, Rijkswaterstaat and ProRail districts, and landscape architects. “It’s great that Fruitpact also provides support in getting all involved excited. After all, the project has added value for everyone. We hope we can plant the first tree for the tallest orchard in Europe this year on November 10, nationally on Arbor Day. That will be unique. It will give us the most beautiful stretch of the motorway in the Netherlands. “

Source: Fruit Charter

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