With the season finale ‘Loki’ broke an important Marvel record

The final of the Loki series broke the record for the Marvel Studios series at Disney +.

Final Loki Shown at Disney + on Wednesday last week. Will also become the registrar for the streaming service.

After the series debuted on June 9 at Disney + with the new record for the Marvel series, the finals now seem to be performing very well. The end of the season, For all time. As always. Viewed by 1.9 million American families. Compare: The end of the season From Vandavision Attracted 1.4 million Balkan and Winter Soldier Done One world, one people 1.7 million viewers.

Excellent view
It also reports the best view stats for the Deadline series. The final was watched by 300,000 people in the UK, 96,000 in Germany and 12,000 in Australia. This is more than any other Marvel Studios series on Disney +.

So pulled Vandavision With its final 209,000 viewers in the UK, 42,000 in Germany and 7,000 in Australia. Before Balkan and Winter Soldier The series attracted 254,000 in the United Kingdom, 78,000 in Germany and 10,000 in Australia.

Serial Loki This will be the first person to receive a second season at Disney + from Marvel Studios. Director Kate Heron will not return for that.

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