Wolf at the Championship: “Retirement hurts the most”

Team boss Toto Wolf admits he has concerns about the reliability of Lewis Hamilton’s machine. According to the Austrian, this is the reason why the combustion engine needs to be replaced Turkish Grand Prix. In conversation with Sky Sports Wolf notes that the exit will be catastrophic for the team’s title aspirations.

Mercedes chose to replace a part of the engine of the seven-time world champion. “We had to do it,” said the Mercedes team boss. “We looked at the data of the internal combustion engine and it was not very promising, if the breakdown was the end of the championship,” Wolf said. In Russia, competitor Red Bull Racing chose to upgrade the entire power source at Max Verstappen.

Probably a higher stage fine

Hamilton currently has a combustion engine number four and the Mercedes team boss has not ruled out the possibility of using a new one in the future. However, Wolfe believes it should not come: “The fourth combustion engine may come to an end. However, the time may come when it is appropriate to replace it, because others are still at risk.”

The battle for the championship

Verstappen now has a six-point lead in the title race with Hamilton. The Dutchman has given up three times this year; Monza, Baku and Silverstone. There is only one malfunction from the UK. So every point in the battle for the world title is important. The fight between the two Ruffs resumes during the United States Grand Prix.

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