Wolff and Horner open to Andretti .. Entering Formula 1

Toto Wolff and Christian Horner see a potential entry for Andretti Autosport into F1 under the right conditions. Several team bosses, including from Mercedes and Red Bull Racing, have been asked if they will be open to a new entrant. They certainly do, although it is necessary to carefully consider how this is consistent with the existing Concorde Agreement. Anyway, the difference certainly doesn’t seem to rule this out.

“It’s good that Andretti is interested. However, there are some clear terms and conditions attached to the Concorde Agreement. They are working on that now. This agreement (Concorde Agreement, editor) defends the 10 participants the sport currently knows about. The potential 11th team is defended by Christian Horner. : So it’s a relatively open position.

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff is a bit more conservative at first. He’s basically wondering how valuable Andretti’s entry will be. “Everyone who participates must add value and show what they can do for other teams within the sport,” the Austrian emphasizes, among other things. F1Maximaal.nl

“We are the Champions League or the NFL motorsport,” he adds. According to him, a sport of F1 stature should get something with a new entry. However, it is clear from Wolff’s words that Mercedes will not be against Michael Andretti pushing his plan: “If the brand is bringing in new people and a good financial story, why not?”

McLaren and Alpine don’t see any problems

McLaren and Alpine are also reacting favorably to the plans of a second American participant. Andreas Seidl confirms: “We certainly welcome them.” “Andretti’s name makes the sport grow more in the United States.” With CEO Zak Brown, the Woking-based racing stable has a very capable American leader who could capitalize on that.

Andretti has potential. we will see. “It would be fantastic and would definitely make racing on the track even more exciting,” said Alpine CEO Laurent Rossi. When Andretti’s order story surfaced, it was reported that Alpine might be interested in working together. For example, Alpine could supply engines to Andretti through the engine supplier Renault, which in turn could accommodate one of the Alpine juniors.

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