Wolff represents Domenicali: ‘TV fans don’t care where they drive’

Toto Wolff is delighted that Formula 1 has expanded its schedule once again with an additional race in the US in the form of Las Vegas. Some critics think having another race in the country is a very good thing, but according to Wolff, there isn’t much difference between TV viewers where people drive.

From 2023, there will be leadership in the world-famous Las Vegas strip. The new race in the American desert city was greeted with different voices. Some are very excited about the unique location, others think it is a shame that so many new episodes are appearing on the calendar and that this will now be the third American race on the calendar in a global sport.

new audience

Despite the many comments Domenicali receives, he can count on Wolff’s support. “I think Stefano is doing an excellent job of balancing new and interesting locations, which are not only attractive from a financial point of view, but also attract new audiences to further develop the sport,” said the Austrian. Total Motorsports

TV viewers don’t care

The Mercedes team boss continues. “It’s great that two more tracks are added. Especially in Miami and Las Vegas. I think most of the fans who follow Formula 1 on TV or on social media don’t really care where they drive. But that’s my opinion. Baku, for example, it’s not a traditional race , but it’s a great place. And it’s important that local fans race at such famous spots. I saw it back in Melbourne,” he concludes.

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