Wolvenvallei Kralingse Bos lends itself to more nature with its new ‘rivers’

At Kralingse Bos in Rotterdam, the so-called Wolvenvallei was redesigned last year. A creek space has been created with nature-friendly banks. During the year, plants and animals find a place here and the biotic environment develops. The municipality wants to follow this on the basis of the videos of the visitors.

The pools (ponds) have been cleaned at Wolvenvallei at Kralingse Bos. It’s been deepened and expanded and has something that makes rainwater better flow into the ground. Vegetation has also been adapted; In the spring the flowers are planted and in other places that allow natural plants to appear.

All this with the aim of creating a beautiful amphibian habitat. “This idea actually arose out of necessity, because the groundwater in a forest is often too high. As a result, trees are constantly present in the high groundwater and then die,” says Niels Hartfield of the municipality of Rotterdam.

Bert Wognga, a local councilor for outdoor spaces adds: “At this site you can clearly see that urban nature in Rotterdam is always in motion. The creek achieved here invites all kinds of plants and animals to settle here. Good for biodiversity and also ensures the necessary water storage in Kralingse Bos I wonder who could capture the first dragonfly or salamander on screen! ‘


Insects, like dragonflies, are expected to feel at home here. Just like amphibians like newt, common toad, and brown toad. They will find food here and will use the table to breed. The first plants will grow in spring. This spring, a specially prepared Rotterdam seed mixture was sown along the bank. This will soon produce original flowers and plants that fit well here and contribute to the city’s biodiversity.

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