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Sebastian Coe, president of the International Association of Athletics Federations, would also have been in keeping with his time, vigorously adjusting the biological boundaries between the sexes. You can also be a man (trans) and become a mother at the same time (page one devotion, yesterday). Or that you as a man can abuse two women, then become a transgender woman and finally be put in a women’s prison as a rapist (Scotland’s Isla Bryson case). But Sebastian Coe chose to put aside the zeitgeist and decided on Thursday to exclude transgender people from participating in the women’s category of international athletics competitions.

The decision, effective almost immediately, came after two months of consultations with affiliate federations, coaches and the Athletes Commission as well as transgender and human rights organisations. So there is no overnight decision. With this, NOC-NSF’s discussion paper is also effectively moved to the bin: this document was recently published, which, with the arrival of transgender people, calls into question the normal and traditional division of women and men in sport. In his interpretation, Coe is clear: “Women’s fairness is above all other considerations.”

What does he mean by that? that with the acceptance of stronger trans women in biological women, the entire women’s athletics sector threatens to collapse. I want to be even more clear: With the expanded development of the transgender phenomenon and its authorized participation, any female record already achieved in athletics will no longer be safe.

I dealt with this subject in a fictional story in my recently published book Twelve stories are not true. I did it as carefully as possible within the imaginary framework of a (yet) non-existent legislation, where only the paper fact of a passport counts. Because before you know it, you will be accused of being “transphobic.” Last week, he placed Lecturer in the Interdisciplinary Social Sciences (UvA) program Laurens Buijs Norwegian Refugee Council Explains the situation: An extremist and often militant movement can be seen in the United States. In it, identities like trans and non-binary have become status symbols.

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When I wrote the story, I knew nothing about the Valentina Petrillo case. This Italian transwoman was born as Fabrizio Petrillo in 1973. As a visually impaired person, Fabrizio won eleven men’s national titles in his T12 class between 2016 and 2018. The Italian Athletics Federation Vidal decided to accept Fabrizio, who in the meantime had become a transgender woman Valentina, As the first transgender Paralympic athlete to participate in women’s competitions. However, Valentina had to undergo heavy hormonal treatment in order to reach the lower level of her new competitors. As a result, she lost more than a second and a half of the men’s best time in the 200m and much more in the 400m. However, two years ago Valentina broke the Italian women’s records in the 200m and 400m in her own Paralympic category. To think and was probably well known to Sebastian Coe when he vetoed transgender people.

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