May 25, 2024


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Women’s room | the bridge

Women's room |  the bridge

In the 1990s there was a women’s meeting center in Kampen: Stichting De Ruimte. This institution has worked for years to achieve this. Many women’s groups, from the Housewives Association to Anna’s Women’s CafĂ©, were happy to make use of this wonderful meeting space. But times are changing, after a turbulent existence, the De Ruimte Foundation decides to lead a sleeper life from now on. The institution often received publicity, for example by defining the “Space” award. An award that highlights the many women in Kampen with special merits. Times have really changed in the meantime, and there seems to be little need for a meeting center. Many women have managed to develop further through education and work, and the struggle of women seems outdated. But in the eyes of the directors, nothing could be further from the truth; It is sometimes difficult to find actual equality in all respects.

However, the current board decided to dissolve the institution. There is a modest balance that will be made available to the selected fund. This so-called De Ruimte Fund will make donations in favor of women in the municipality of Campen, the Netherlands, who need space in the broadest sense of the word. Everyone is welcome to nominate an organization or person working specifically for the welfare and/or development of women in Kampen.

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