Wonderful road trip with Grandma from Rival Love | civilization

But then he gets a little busy in her relationship, as Princess Diana described another woman’s arrival very beautifully. Lon doesn’t really like it: This Xenia, which Phillip captivates, becomes an obsession with her. She cunningly occupied a place in the life of her rival grandmother.

Roller coasters

This Mrs. Louise, a woman carrying a pamphlet, takes them with the reader on a journey along the 100 most important roller coaster in the United States, the journey through “America’s Most American” that she planned with Philip. In her old age, Lon offers Louise more adventure than she dreamed of in her sheltered home. But who needs more? Does revenge taste sweet?

Louise is an entertaining and fluidly typed character Baby teeth It was presented as a “power struggle between three women” that strikes the place the most. Her look at love is golden. The relationship is a leaked dinghy that you have to constantly release on bail. But you agree to pretend it is a shiny yacht that must be provided at all costs. On the other hand, Lon is often noisy and Xenia is Bordeaux just like the characters in Disneyland and other parks visited during this wonderful road trip.


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