World Cup Final repeat: Orange women train against USA | 1 Limburg

Players of the Dutch national football team play a friendly against the United States on November 27th. Orange will meet the world champion at Rat Verlegh Stadium in Breda.

This is the first time the two countries have faced each other again after the 2019 World Cup Final in France. Then America was very strong 2-0.

Leader rankings
Women in American football have ranked first in the FIFA classification and the most successful team in the history of women’s football. They attended all versions of the World Cup and each time they won a medal: four gold, one silver and three bronze. The Dutch national team is currently fourth in the FIFA rankings.

Sarina Wegman’s selection includes three Limburg players: Lake Martins, Dominic Jansen and Lyn Wilms. The team is now preparing for the Olympics. “Now that we qualify for the European Championships, we can focus completely on the Olympic Games next year,” says national coach Sarina Wegmann.

“We can’t hope for a better start to those preparations with such an opponent; it’s really a gauge moment to see where we are. Of course it’s also very special because it’s a repeat of last year’s World Cup Final.”

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