Worried about ‘very nice’ US reporter’s interview with Putin: ‘She should have distracted him’ abroad

An interview between an American journalist and President Vladimir Putin, 69, caused an uproar in Russia. According to various state media, CNBCJournalist Hadley Gamble described herself as a “sexual object” and tried to “distract” Putin with her appearance. Putin himself said that the woman was “too beautiful” to answer certain questions. The 39-year-old Gamble can laugh himself at the commotion that has arisen.

The interview took place last week Russian Energy Week In Moscow, an international conference. The photos show how Putin often looks at America with admiration.

According to Russian state media, Gamble was giving an interview with bad intentions. According to commentator Dmitry Kiselyov, she would have acted “inappropriately” and cast a “cynical look” at Putin. Known as “Putin’s mouthpiece”, Kislyov alleged that the journalist moved her bare legs provocatively.

According to the critic, she also deliberately fiddled with her hair and licked her lips. “She wore a tight black skirt, rocked her flowing hair and wore a pair of Louboutins that made her legs look longer than they already were,” the statement read. It is said that her legs were “covered in shining body oil, as if they weren’t really working”.


The US reporter’s “work” is said to have come in response to an incident in 2019, when Putin hired an attractive translator to alarm then-President Donald Trump. The latter can be read in a recently published book by former White House spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham.

Gamble himself could laugh at the commotion that arose. On Instagram, she shares a photo in which she can be seen with a Russian newspaper that puts it on the front page. “My best side,” she wrote, supplemented with the hashtags #feminist and #russia.

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