May 25, 2024


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‘Worth’: A humble 9/11 drama full of title cards and headers

'Worth': A humble 9/11 drama full of title cards and headers

Lawyer Kenneth Feinberg (Michael Keaton) Battle Stakes in Truth-Based Drama Values not small. He should have 80% of his relatives and 9/11 survivors agree to a fixed compensation within two years. If he fails, these thousands of people can go to court, which we promised will plunge the American economy into a massive crisis.

So Feinberg and his team must attempt to objectively determine what lives and lost limbs are worth in monetary compensation—a difficult question to ask his students in the opening scene. Gradually, however, the sympathetic young lawyer discovers that the victims refuse to allow themselves to be neglected in an equal reckoning. They want the government to hear them, new widower Charles Wolff (Stanley Tucci) and his Action Committee repeatedly assert.

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Interesting material does not guarantee a very interesting movie. There are many special stories behind the suffering caused by the collapsed towers: the gay who couldn’t claim compensation because of his friend’s anti-gay family, and the woman who saw her husband had a second family. Tucci in his role as a bereaved escapes into action. But Internet director Sarah Colangelo tells the story primarily through several shots of the chief speaking. His linear narrative exasperates with countless title cards that constantly mention the number of days until the deadline.