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SubjectTastes vary. And it allows art to spark discussion. So if there’s eye-catching artwork on the front of the library at Neude, you can wait it out. Martin Bass’ light artwork does just that. Soothes tongues. Readers also have a clear, sometimes different opinion: “I love bold art, but this is just too ugly.”

There are so many examples of art in Utrecht that ease tongues. Like the patroness with doves, a 17th-century painting by Diakonisenhaes on a wall in the Bosbomstraat. Or the Mandarin of artist JanIsDeMan, who couldn’t really count on the approval of Albert Heijn’s neighbors on the Amsterdamsestraatweg. Or the water-rich artwork at Rijnsweerd where a few people actually got wet because they mistook the red algae for pebbles and threatened to drown. And now a light work of art intellectual heritage on the library interface. get used to it? Or just take it away?

Make the link float

If we compare opinions on this issue, it can already be concluded that tastes differ. One thinks the artwork of Bossche artist Maarten Baas is cool, one even calls it New Climate Art Or even walked into the library especially to see the artwork in real life. Others wonder who the hell authorized this.

And because Baas comes from Hertogenbosch, the tie is also made for carnivals and floats. Ben ten Auver, a resident of Utrecht, expresses his deepest disgust, saying that he is so disturbed by Bass’s work that he has decided to walk from now on.

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Extract from the comments

Leonie Cook (Utrecht): I wonder why the beautification committee thinks this is a good thing, when entrepreneurs have to comply with the strict rules. Billboards or nameplates must be hung at a certain height (it doesn’t matter to the committee that trucking takes off at that height). It is already difficult to arrange the renovation of a building so that windows do not fall on people. But something colorful, very expensive (a waste of our tax money in my opinion), something modern, the committee thinks that’s fine.


I love recycling. But this artist from Den Bosch shouldn’t have done it with a float

Ryan Mohawk

Egbert Tick (Utrecht): ‘carnival forever. But do we want that?

Bert slot (Utrecht): Utrecht is a beautiful historical city. The council seems to have gone completely mad. What a disgrace to this beautiful old building. If the dormer window has a height of 5 cm, then it must be removed. sad!’

Ryan Mohawk (Zest): If you can put this art in front of such a work of architectural art, you can also put something in front of this, I guess. I love recycling. But this artist from Den Bosch shouldn’t have done it with a float.

Han Ursel (Utrecht): What an amazing work of art. I’m not looking forward to that. Wonderfully funny. It is a pity that that tree is in front of her. I am happy with the municipality’s choice. Martin is a real bass in public, you can be proud of that.”

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Light artwork “Intellectual Heritage” by Martin Bass on the front of the Neude Library. © Angelique de Jonge

Joyce Monti (Utrecht): “I love bold art, but this is so ugly in this beautiful building, it’s too bad, this beautiful building deserves something nicer than this fairground thing.”

Batiste’s joke (Utrecht): Art can be beautiful, but that on Neude is just awful. I really don’t understand why permission is given for that.

Melissa Thorne (Dordrecht): “New Climate Art!”

Nicole van den Hout (Utrecht): ‘she is beautiful. Went to see privately. Even more beautiful in person!!

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