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Marco points out that it doesn’t have a fixed form, but they do sometimes do nice things. “We’re dating a little bit,” said Marco. “We’ll see where the ship is heading.” Leontine remains the woman to Marco and he’s clearly indicating he’s not open to other women. “My heart is taken.”

the love

On Instagram, Marco is very happy to let you know how crazy he is about his “wife” Leontine. On Valentine’s Day it was announced that it was still Valentine’s Day. He did this via a video full of old pics loving them together. Last weekend on Mother’s Day, he posted another video saying they are still one family. Leontine herself has yet to comment on the news that they are dating again.

Marco says Special That there was still a lot of love between him and Lyontene. Whether people want to hear or see it or not, it is there. It is tangible. Perceptible. ”People’s opinions are divided on Twitter. When someone really gives it to Marco, the other is tired of Marco’s news.

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