Wozniak: “Why aren’t people allowed to repair Apple devices?”

talk with that the support For the Right to Repair movement, which fights for the release of resources and information for appliance repair. The movement wants to pass laws requiring companies to take steps to allow consumers to repair their devices.

Apple is currently forcing users to have their Apple devices repaired by company employees. The company hardly provides spare parts or basic information.

Question from an activist

Wozniak, who co-founded the company with Steve Jobs in 1976, responded to a question from right-to-reform activist Louis Rosman in a 9-minute Cameo video. According to Wozniak, Apple wouldn’t have gotten off the ground without access to simple information like TV schematics.

“I couldn’t afford a keyboard remote when I was young,” Wozniak says. Using the blueprints, he was able to assemble his own remote printing machine.

“We used to make blueprints”

It also notes that the tech giant simply shipped its blueprints and other designs with the Apple II. According to Wozniak, this was even the profit driver in Apple’s first 10 years.

“Why ban people who want to fix their devices?” He wonders. “What harm has the Apple II done to Apple?”

Rossman, who professionally repairs laptops, now invited Wozniak to actively participate in the movement. Rossman is currently trying to raise $6 million to hold a referendum on the right to reform.

Steve Wozniak left Apple in 1985.

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