Wrong start is Poe Bendsnider’s D.T.

DT Poe in Assange disappointed Bendsneider. The 22-year-old Rotterdammer made a bad start, throwing him a long way and finally crossing the finish line in fifteenth.

Bends Knight started racing on Moto 2 from B13 and quickly entered the top ten, but he did so illegally. The betting management decided to impose a ‘double long lap fine’ on him. What this means is that Bendsnider must cover the extra meters outside the path, which means he will lose ground anyway.

The result was that Bends Sneijder was far behind and even finished out in the top twenty. At the lowest point, he briefly finished 24th, while his goal was to finish in the top ten.

In the second half of the race Bends Sneijder was able to control the damage to some extent. He was able to lift several positions and was flagged off at fifteen, so he was still able to get one World Cup point.

RW Racing

D.T. in disappointment for Trente RW Racing. Malaysia’s Habib Ziahrin and Belgium’s Barry Baltas finished second, finishing second (23) and last (24) respectively.

The Moto 2 race was won by Raul Fernandez of Spain, Remy Gardner of Australia and Augusto Fernandez of Spain.

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