Wüst app helps Nuis get an Olympic ticket: ‘I still feel bad’

You win almost everything to win, you have to take all the steps of the international stages. However, Kjeld Nuis needed an application from his teammate Ireen Wüst on Wednesday morning to remind him how he could qualify for the Olympic 1500m race in Beijing 2022.

The 35-year-old veteran, who will appear in China in February for her fifth and final Winter Games, sent her three-year-old junior teammate a message via WhatsApp ten hours before OKT’s final run. In short, it was about the art of noble finishing.

“Irene always crosses the line as if she has three more laps to skate after,” Noyce said. “It accelerates to the last centimeter, as I’m always ready to finish and finish the glide race. And for the first time now I’m driving to the finish.”

How do you like it? “summit!”

On the decisive skating mile, the difference between the numbers 1 and 2 was determined by Wüst’s golden tip. With his hands behind his back through the strait, Nuis scored 23.25 – 25.42 – 26.48 – 28.70, which is good to finish at 1.43.85. Kroll came to 23.22 – 25.06 – 26.69 – 28.90 in the next. With that, he finally had to give up two hundred seconds.

Watch the recap of the 1500m in the slideshow below, Kelde Noyce’s reaction after the race and how Noyce celebrated the win with his son:

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