Xi has warned Biden not to ‘play with fire’ on Taiwan

Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Joe Biden held a telephone conversation on Thursday. In the conversation, Xi again warned the US not to interfere in his country’s relationship with Taiwan.

That reports Chinese state news agency Xinhua. The two leaders spoke for two hours and twenty minutes.

“The will of the people cannot be disobeyed, and those who play with fire will perish,” Ji said. He also reminded Biden of America’s “one-China” policy, which considers Taiwan a part of China and not independent. The country is officially under the rule of the People’s Republic of China, but has its own constitution and democratically elected leaders.

Xi also stressed that China strongly opposes Taiwan’s independence and external interference in the issue. Washington does not officially maintain diplomatic relations with Taiwan.

Biden warned Xi against military intervention in Taiwan, when the Chinese leader called China’s reunification with Taiwan in October 2021 “a historic task” and noted publicly at an annual party rally that “it will definitely be accomplished.”

Since then, he has reiterated his desire to officially annex Taiwan to the People’s Republic of China. At a press conference in late May, Biden said the United States would intervene militarily if China invaded Taiwan.

Nancy Pelosik

Democratic Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi plans to visit Taiwan in August, calling it “important.” [de VS] Support Taiwan. Such a visit would be widely interpreted internationally as US support for the country. Biden had nothing to say about the trip other than “the military thought it was not a good idea.”

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Pelosi interpreted the statement as ‘maybe the military is afraid our plane will be shot down by the Chinese.’ Beijing has said it will respond to Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan with “resolute and firm” measures, including imposing a no-fly zone around the island.

Her trip was originally scheduled for April, but was canceled after Pelosi contracted the coronavirus. The president is the first senior US government official to visit Taiwan since one of his predecessors, Republican Newt Gingrich, visited the island in 1997.

to deepen

Joe Biden tweeted after Thursday’s phone call that he had discussed with his counterpart “managing our differences responsibly” and “deepening” ties between the two countries.

This will be the fifth time the two world leaders have met since Biden took office as US president. The White House said the two leaders plan to meet face-to-face following Thursday’s phone call.

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