Xiaomi announces promising new battery technology

Will your smartphone battery last all day? If not, this new battery technology from Xiaomi will probably sound like music to your ears.

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Xiaomi cramps more battery in the same space

The larger the smartphone battery, the longer it can charge. However, smartphones require a good balance between a decent battery size and a light and thin design. This is difficult, because the phone space is small to store all its parts. Xiaomi has found a way to get more battery in the same space.

At the top of a typical smartphone battery (on the left in the photo) we find a part that connects the battery to the rest of the device. However, this part takes up quite a lot of space. Xiaomi has found a way to significantly reduce this part. As a result, there is now approximately 10 percent more battery space.

So a smartphone with a 5000mAh battery can have a 5500mAh battery with this new battery technology. This difference can simply ensure that you can get through your day from now on without additional charges.

Smartphone battery gets smarter

In addition to battery size, there are a number of other factors that play a role in making your battery life as long as possible. Think, for example, of the chip and screen, which can be energy efficient (or not). Many modern smartphones remember your sleep rhythm, so as not to unnecessarily pump power into the battery for a long time at night. This so-called “overcharging” is very detrimental to battery life.

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This function works normally with the entire software, but Xiaomi transfers the technology directly to the battery controller itself. In addition, the battery has new safety features and a built-in thermostat to ensure the battery operates efficiently and safely. You can roughly call this battery a smart battery.

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