Yorum helps with electric heating

For additional heating and permanent heating: Eurom helps heat the house without gas. With smart innovations, the climate specialist ensures that the home can be heated comfortably and efficiently electrically. Whether it’s additional heating or permanent heating, Eurom has a convenient and smart solution for every room, where you can also save on energy costs.

“Heating requires a new approach. Our electric heating solutions support the transition to gas-free heating,” says Wycher Bakker of Eurom. He finds that the demand for electric heating has increased significantly in recent months, even during the summer months. He states that this increased demand is linked to a high Gas prices and environmental awareness.As a result, the central heating boiler is used less and the use of electricity, for example, from solar panels increases.

You have several options for electric heating. According to Packer, you have to get rid of the idea that the whole house should be warm. “By combining different heating technologies, you can achieve optimal heating for each room. For example, do you have a place where you live and people move around? Hence using an electric heater is a logical choice.” Eurom permanent convector heaters are heaters specially developed for long-term use and where you can choose from several modes. Packer: “Once the desired temperature is reached, it is maintained. Big difference with stoves that are constantly turned on and off, as they use the maximum amount of energy.”

Thermal heaters

The Alutherm series convector heaters are Eurom runners. These are very suitable for use as a permanent electric heater. The stove ensures a constant temperature in the room. Thanks to the X-shaped heating element, stoves have additional efficiency and can heat a fairly large room. The latest model of convector heaters is the Alutherm Baseboard, and this series is available in six different variants: in three different capacities, in black and white. This means that a suitable capacity can be found for almost every space.

  • Strong and high-quality workmanship, elegant at the same time
  • Control with or without WiFi or weekly timer
  • Can be combined with the Eurom smart thermostat
  • Free standing or hanging on the wall
  • Low model, so less obvious

Safe-T-Convect 2400 is also a new model with high capacity and environmentally sustainable mode. In a smaller room, a low setting is sufficient, in a large room you can use power up to 2400 watts. If you set the heater to the turbo setting, the radiator fan will spin as well, so the room will heat up faster.

infrared heater

Infrared heating is ideal for places in the home where you spend more time, such as the workplace, in front of the TV, or at the dining table. Infrared panels that also look elegant will fit into any interior design. In order to respond to the increasing demand, Eurom has greatly expanded the range of infrared panels in the last period. Additionally, the panels are fitted with an improved suspension system, which means the panels can be attached to the ceiling as well as to the wall. Moreover, this can be done horizontally, vertically and high up on the wall, so that the placement under the windowsill is no longer necessary. “We are introducing more applications and more designs, as the demand for intelligent control with permanent fireplaces is increasing. This also applies to bathrooms,” explains Packer.

permanent electric heating

Eurom is always looking for improvements to its products. They also develop smart applications, such as a smart thermostat that can be operated with an application. “The problem with every electric heater is that there is a sensor in the heater,” Packer explains. As a result, it is not always easy to regulate the temperature. After all, you measure the temperature at the heat source, it is always warmer there. We now have a WiFi thermostat with a sensor attached to the stove. This allows you to measure the temperature in a different place where the stove is located, just like with a central heating system. “

Packer continues: “In fact, the circuit is now complete that we can provide permanent electric heating with this product. You can connect several electric heaters with different heating technologies to it. For example, a preheated heater to keep the room at 16 degrees and the place or places where you sit with Infrared panel at 20 degrees. This way you are energy-saving without sacrificing comfort. Does the WiFi go down? Then the heater will switch to the heat sensor after ten minutes and you will get a notification in your app. Very safe, because you have no chance of overheating. Don’t you want a regulator Smart thermostat or WiFi control? Then you can still operate it with the remote control.”

“With electric heating, you have the option of making your home comfortable, without the help of an installer.”

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