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ZUTPHEN – Two different artists, one universal theme; At Dat Bolwerck you can all see the Stardust exhibition until November 27, which is like a space laboratory. Who we are (what we think we are) and how we can see the world we live in may be on the minds of artists Jasper Griepink (1988) and Harry Knopperts (55).

By Meike Wesselink

“I was born on the IJsselkade, but I don’t remember whether it was number 11 or number 13.” Born in Zutphen and living in Amsterdam for many years, Harry Knopperts was admitted to the Academy of Visual Arts in Arnhem at the age of fifteen due to exceptional talent and exhibited for the first time at the Stedelijk Museum Zutphen at the age of 19. Fifty years later, Knopperts returns to the city center with a series of paintings he painted between 2017 and 2022. Knopperts’ myriad considerations and investigations into the relationship between male/female and male/nature are integrated into an organic, colorful whole. Man’s destruction of nature while simultaneously trying to preserve it is a recurring theme in Knopperts’ work over the past twenty years. The celebrated artist is willing to explain his work, but he is not comfortable being the center of attention. Man is always present in nature. Often alone, without clothes and without clear gender. The carefully hung canvases and smaller works in the two left rooms of Todd Bolwerk are the venue for a book presentation of the Knopperts’ fifty years of work on October 16 at 4 p.m. The book is accompanied by a catalog of Knopperts’ complete, unsigned works, which can be traced to the maker through this index. “Sometimes it’s frustrating and hard work to revive all those paintings, not always with fond memories, but if all goes well, I’ll have a complete document of time that I can look back on.”

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Knopperts did a lot of research on the differences and equality between women and men. “I appreciate that the issue of liberation is a universal theme. At the same time, I worry about the LGBTIQA+ movement. It strikes me as a trend that you can hide from if you feel a bit different or insecure. I find it disturbing that children choose gender reassignment at an early age and are welcomed by their parents. Gender and sexuality change over a lifetime. , you have to give that room for growth.

Jasper Griepink explores sexuality and man in relation to nature. Kriebing’s works are not only characterized by paintings. With his projects, Jasper invites his audience to enter another dimension. Young people attending the inaugural exhibition eagerly listen to Jasper’s presentation, who offers a different view of reality with his interactive projects. One of them is Sterre Schwerink (19). On behalf of Valhalla, she and three other interns have built a spaceship that can be viewed on the top floor of Todd Bolwerk. “We built the model based on Jasper’s technical drawings, and without any markings. Now this thing makes sense. It’s a space craft, it’s the first one that’s really big and you can actually get into it. It was really fun to use new techniques that I can use in my training at CPAP. It’s a shame that it’s not built at scale.”

Under the title Before Dirt Was, Jasper made several interdisciplinary works, including a painting, a music album, and a video installation. “The central question here is whether we can still realize that the Earth is not dirty, but an intelligent planet on which we can live harmoniously. Our mythological history is characterized by male warriors and enchanted deities. Who or what tells us that history is no different, that perhaps man lived on an equal footing with nature, and that there was no conflict?

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There is a good amount of IQ behind Griepink’s work, which has made Jasper an environmental artist through many travels and training. Hen received a master’s degree from the Piets Zwart Institute in Rotterdam in 2013 and has exhibited in Norway, the United States and New Zealand, among others. Jasper is a certified designer in permaculture and has followed various courses in holistic healing methods. Jasper translated his knowledge of the healing effect of sexual energy at the 2017 Love Space Festival in Amsterdam’s Pass. With the 24/7 love package as the focal point. Several photographs of this project are exhibited at Dat Bolwerck.

You’re All Stardust is part of the long-term theme of Becoming Human, which Dat Polwerk is co-developing with founder Vincent Peppelenbosch, art director Marlis van de Jacht, and consulting team Denkwerk. Unlike science, technology, money, and politics, Todd Polwerk appeals to different target groups with art on different levels to evoke different emotions. Vincent Beppelenbosch’s tradition of becoming a man can be safely seen as he bids an artistic and festive farewell to Tad Bollwerk on Saturday 8 October. All are cordially invited to attend from 3.30 p.m.

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